Hello! Hola! Ciao! Namaste! Wilkommen!

Welcome, to both you and your curiosity.

My name is Nidhi Pugalia and I have the gall to say that I’m a writer, but enough worry and too little success to say it without a wince and a blush.

I read as often as I can, and still never read enough.
I’ve wanted a dog since I was born.
I drink coffee like it might disappear tomorrow.
And I watch Gilmore Girls like it’s my own personal second coming.

But really the only thing you should know about me is that I write.
And whether you love to read, write, edit, or absolutely anything else under the sun, I’d love to hear your opinions and read your work!

So, I hope you enjoy what I write to you, and I hope you write back!

– Nidhi


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