I’m Alive, I Swear

I know I haven’t written here in a while, but for once I will not be apologetic. Because while this blog has been sitting idle, I’ve been writing. With exhilaration, with abandon, and with unadulterated joy. For months now, my self-doubt plugged my writing, until my words were few and far between. I’d lost the tug in my gut, the pull to the page.

I am beyond thrilled to tell you all that’s change, and I’ve never felt more confident that this this THIS was what I was meant to be.

In a tell-all expose future-post, I promise I’ll devote more time to telling you what switch flipped, and why you should drop what you’re doing like a hot potato – even though right this second it’s likely reading my blog post – and go get started on dreaming.

But all that later. Back to the stories.

PS: Read American Gods to erase writer’s block. The energy pounded into that novel must be expelled somewhere, and it went straight to scratch my writer’s brain.

PPS: Yes, yes, it’s by Neil Gaiman. So sue me, it’s brilliant. David-Christopher Harris agrees!


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